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Bergkamp had to go to Chelsea but ended up with Arsenal.

Former agent Jerome Anderson reveals Dennis Bergkamp traveled to England to sign for Chelsea but ended up joining Arsenal instead.     The Netherlands international legend is determined to move to England after a difficult time with Inter Milan. And it is the Blues who have

Steven Zhang may be preparing to leave Inter Milan.

Tuttosport reports that Inter Milan president Steven Zhang may soon bid farewell to the club. Paving the way for a new era for the club.     Chinese club owners have been hit hard by the previous COVID-19 outbreak as well as legal changes from the

Peterborough president believes Toney can help Manchester United.

Darraf McAnthony Peterborough’s owner is confident that. Manchester United will become a team competing for the championship again. If they can get Ivan Toney to join the football team.     The Red Devils have struggled to get back into the title race since Sir Alex

‘Lingard’ parted ways with agent after still being without a label

ยูฟ่าเบท reports that Jesse Lingard has parted ways with his agent. Growing dissatisfied with his inability to find a new club, Lingard has remained a free agent since his £200,000-a-week contract with Nottingham Forest expired last summer. This season is already halfway through and Lingard still hasn’t

‘Pochettino’ revealed that something affected Chelsea

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino revealed that there were some events before the game. This had an impact on his team in the first half. After the game beat Fulham 1-0 on Saturday. “The first half was not the first half that we had planned. Something happened before the

De Bruyne admits that now they can play no more than 30 min

Kevin De Bruyne gave an interview after coming off the bench as a hero, shooting 1, paying 1, turning the game around for Manchester City to come back and beat Newcastle 3-2, saying he enjoyed himself being back on the field and creating. Worked well

‘Sancho’ opens up about comeback and assists

Jadon Sancho came out for an interview after scoring an assist on his second debut for Borussia Dortmund, helping the team beat Darmstadt 3-0. In the Bundesliga battle last night, Sancho moved from Manchester United back to Dortmund again on a loan contract until the

Bayern Munich appoints ‘Freund’ as director of sports

Bayern Munich have confirmed the appointment of Christoph Freund from Salzburg as their new sporting director. Bayern’s sporting director position has been vacant since Hasan Salihamidzic’s sacking and is due to be replaced. Freund has stayed at Salzburg and is in charge, but he will

Isco reveals he was attacked by Monchi

Spanish midfielder Isco in an interview accused Monchi of being physically abused by a celebrity director while he was playing for Sevilla. Isco, 31, join Sevilla in August 2022. Before leaving the team four months later, while he is currently without a club. Monchi left