‘Pochettino’ revealed that something affected Chelsea

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Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino revealed that there were some events before the game. This had an impact on his team in the first half. After the game beat Fulham 1-0 on Saturday.

“The first half was not the first half that we had planned. Something happened before the game. that I can’t explain to you I think it affected the team a little bit,” Poch revealed after the game.

“We started the second half very well. I thought we played really good football for 30 minutes and could have scored one or two more goals and closed the game สมัคร ufabet

. You can’t turn off their game. It is normal for us to lose some progress towards the end of the game. both set pieces and free kicks from wide areas They are a team with potential in this situation. “

We defended well and I think it’s great for us to get through this difficult period. I think this type of game will make us grow. and building confidence in what we are doing,”

when asked about the pre-game incident he was referring to. Poch firmly stated that he would not talk about it.

“No, it’s nothing. It’s not a big deal. It’s just a small detail. That sometimes affects the team.”

“You have to understand that Something affected my expression. But it’s not something important that you or the fans need to know. I’m sorry.”