Pep Guardiola dismiss Evra – Berb after criticizing the fall of the Champions League.

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola dismiss criticism of Patrice Evra. After questioning him about the Champions League semi-final defeat to Real Madrid.

         “Sailboat” won the first leg 4-3 and the second game led 1-0. But came back to concede two goals late in the game to lose 1-2, having to fight in extra time. And concede another goal to make them eliminated. Went painfully with a score of 5-6. UFABET Which Evra criticized City for the personality of playing this game.

         This event, the Spanish coach immediately countered with Evra, including Dimitar Berbatov, who commented with Clarence Seedorf on Amazon Prime Sport Italia, ready to lift the final game. won the Champions League in 2011 when he was in charge of Barcelona, ​​defeating both Manchester United

         “Professors like (Dimitar) Berbatov and (Clarence) Seedorf, Patrice Evra and this type of people. They are not there (at Madrid).” Guardiola said.

         “I met them And when I met them I didn’t see this kind of personality when we (Barcelona) against them in the Champions The league final with United, it’s the same character and personality.”

         “We have no personality because we concede two goals in two minutes when we have two chances and score goals. Do we lack personality? After four games we scored 22 goals, we have an incredible personality. I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with that.”