Isco reveals he was attacked by Monchi

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Spanish midfielder Isco in an interview accused Monchi of being physically abused by a celebrity director while he was playing for Sevilla. Isco, 31, join Sevilla in August 2022. Before leaving the team four months later, while he is currently without a club. Monchi left the team to take on the position of director of football for Aston Villa, teaming up with Unai Emery after working together before Sevilla. Another player on the training ground in December. Before Isco announced his departure shortly thereafter. Monchi told the media it was a mistake to sign him and “The mistake will continue” if the contract is not terminated in January.

In an interview with MarcaIsco has accused Monchi of attacking him and making him decide to leave Sevilla before his contract expired.

“What I’m going to tell you is pretty harsh,” Isco said

. we broke apart Before everyone else separated the two of us.” โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Isco said he had terminated his contract due to the violence. He was uncomfortable and unable to stay at the club. Despite his good relationship with the team and fans,

Monchi declined to comment on the matter. After being asked by The Athletic reporter , saying he didn’t care. Because he was focusing on it. with a job at the new club