De Bruyne admits that now they can play no more than 30 min

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Kevin De Bruyne gave an interview after coming off the bench as a hero, shooting 1, paying 1, turning the game around for Manchester City to come back and beat Newcastle 3-2, saying he enjoyed himself being back on the field and creating. Worked well again and admitted that his fitness is now full and he can’t play more than 30 minutes.

“I miss it, I’m hurting a lot and I need time. I enjoy myself I think it’s more encouragement than anything else. It’s crazy. I know there’s no way I can play 90 minutes right now, 30 minutes at most.”

When asked about the assist for Oscar Bob. BB scored the winning goal. “It was a really great goal. It’s a great ball. But Bob’s run was amazing. It was his top form. I looked over as he ran. If he doesn’t run I couldn’t pass the ball.” ufabet

And when asked, What do you think of yourself coming onto the field to make an impact on the team? The 32-year-old playmaker responded,

“I don’t know what to expect. I have never experienced this. I just go down and work hard. You have to change some things. When you used to play all the time It’s very difficult to change things. “

It was a terrible start. But I’m not one to stand still. I enjoy doing things I’ve never done before. I worked hard to come back.”

“I hope so. (To get my good form back) I have to keep working hard and s