Raw Eggs, Deliciousness To Be Aware Of

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Raw Eggs, Deliciousness To Be Aware Of

While raw eggs are an energy source and rich in nutrients such as protein, good fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that protect the eyes, brain and heart, just like cook. But eating can cause health problems by UFABET.

The deliciousness and delicate taste of  may hidden with dangers. That we are unaware of, such as the risk of bacterial infection. or loss of certain vitamins in the body. Especially that do not pass cleanliness and safety standards. And if we want to eat. How should we choose to be safe?

Dangers of eating raw eggs

Eating raw eggs may put you at risk for the following health problems.

Salmonella bacterial infection ( Salmonella )

Eating may increase the risk of salmonella infection. Which can found during egg production in hens. Or it may seep through the egg shell to mix with the raw egg inside. Especially when we touch eggs or prepare foods. That contain eggs. 

Salmonella infection can cause food poisoning often with diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, or fever. In some cases, it can be severe, chronic, or life-threatening. Especially children under 5 years old, the elderly aged 65 years and over, pregnant women  and people with impaired immune systems due to various health problems.

Biotin deficiency in the body

Eating raw eggs is one reason that may result in a decrease in the amount of biotin in the body because egg whites contain a protein called avidin (Avidin). Which binds to biotin in the intestines. This prevents biotin from absorbed and use in normal processes.  However, the avidine protein is destroy by heat. People who eat cooked eggs do not experience biotin deficiency or a decrease in the amount of biotin in the body. 

How to choose to eat raw eggs safely

Raw eggs are generally not recommended. If you want or need to eat, you should pay attention to cleanliness and safety in the process of buying, storing and preparing food well. To minimize the risk of salmonella contamination in, for  example.

  • Buy only that have pasteurized or sterilized. Which consumers can observe from the packaging of eggs. This is usually clearly marked as having sterilized. or salmonella free 
  • Opt for eggs that have been stored in a cool area or that constantly cool in a freezer or refrigerator.
  • Wash eggs with warm water and soap. Then store the eggs in the refrigerator at the right temperature. Eggs should not be left at room temperature. Because it can cause bacteria to grow rapidly 
  • Do not buy or use expired eggs. Eggs that are cracked or dirty to eat 
  • Wash your hands and all kitchen utensils thoroughly when preparing food or cooking foods that contain raw eggs. especially when handling with bare hands This is to prevent bacterial contamination from food or kitchen equipment to.

However, the best way to reduce the risk of harm from is to not eat them raw. and turn to eating cooked eggs instead But for consumers. Who still can’t stop eating. They should always careful. When buying and cooking from raw eggs.