Steven Zhang may be preparing to leave Inter Milan.

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Tuttosport reports that Inter Milan president Steven Zhang may soon bid farewell to the club. Paving the way for a new era for the club.

    Chinese club owners have been hit hard by the previous COVID-19 outbreak as well as legal changes from the Chinese government. It has affected the club’s finances over the years. Meanwhile, the team will have to pay off the loan to Oaktree soon. UFABET 

    According to a report by the Chinese Boots media. Steven Zhang and the Suning Group It may end soon. Due to distance from the club from the club president since last year.

    The 32-year-old president has been in China since last August. And it is not expected to return to Italy to celebrate the Scudetto championship. That the team is currently leaving behind its rivals.

    Another important issue reported by the media is that the Zhang family’s ownership of Suning no longer holds a majority stake. It currently has only 21.7 percent of shares and will need help from the government to solve financial problems after the COVID situation.

    Since becoming owner of Inter Milan, the club has won the Serie A title, two Coppa Italias and three Supercoppa Italias. As well as reaching the UEFA Champions finals. Last season’s league lost to Manchester City 0-1.