Peterborough president believes Toney can help Manchester United.

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Darraf McAnthony Peterborough’s owner is confident that. Manchester United will become a team competing for the championship again. If they can get Ivan Toney to join the football team.

    The Red Devils have struggled to get back into the title race since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club in 2013. With another disappointing season behind Aston Villa. The top four are as far as 11 points and trail leader Liverpool by 22 points UFABET

    McAnthony Who signed Toney from Newcastle in 2018 before moving to Brentford in 2020. Where his excellent performance has made him one of the country’s top strikers. The 48-year-old chairman stated that. Toney would do well with Manchester United and help the team get back on track to compete for the championship again.

    “Put him in Arsenal, Liverpool or Manchester United, he’ll score 30 goals a season. I think anyone who disagrees has not watched football in the last two and a half years.” McAnthony told Sky Sports.

    “I think there are five clubs in the world that could buy him and he will lift them up another mile. He will turn Manchester United into a team challenging for the Premier League title.”

    “From someone who looks at players not just for their technical ability. But also the character and how they’ve grown over 18 years. I think he’s not at his best even though he’s 28 years old.”

    “Whoever buys him, £100m will be well-transformed because he is entering his prime. You will get the best results from him for 5-6 years.”

    “He’s scored in almost every game with Brentford in the Premier League. Put Ivan into Unai Emery’s Aston Villa team and see how many more goals he can score in the Premier League. He might even compete for the Golden Boot.”