Motta’s agent is confident he will manage the team to compete.

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Dario Canowy, Thiago Motta’s agent, is confident that the Bologna coach will be able to lead the team to compete on a big stage like the UEFA Champions League in the future.

    The 41-year-old manager is leading his team to show excellent form this season. By leading the team to 5th place in the Serie A table at the moment with a chance to take the team to play in the Champions League. UFABET  Which Canovi Revealed that he once told Motta that one day he would become a great coach.

    “I’m not here to boast. But going back to the days when he was still playing football. I told him that one day he would become one of the best coaches in Europe.” Motta’s agent said in an interview with MilanNews.DotIT

    “After 50 years in football I think I know something. And I’m not talking about football, I’m talking about people, Thiago is a smart person. It was fate that led him down this path.”

    “Of course, having a good environment makes working easier. The same goes for the unity between the players. From the way they celebrated you could see the relationship between them and Thiago, you could see how much respect there was.”

    “I told him a while ago that ‘If you die before you manage a team in the Champions League. I’m going to come down from the sky and kick your ass.’ There was no risk involved. Because I’m sure he will be the coach who will lead the team to play in the Champions League for sure.”