Eric Lamela has opened up about leaving the Tottenham Hotspur

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Sevilla forward Eric Lamela has opened up about choosing to leave the Tottenham Hotspur comfort zone for Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan last summer that he was The right noise. Because it can reawaken the fun of playing football for yourself again.

Lamela had been playing for Spurs for over eight years and was saturated, so when the Andalusian top team offered him the opportunity, he grabbed it and swapped the field for young playmaker Brian Kill, leaving behind a memory. 37 goals , 47 assists from 257 games in all competitions for ‘ Yid Army ‘ to think about.  

As for the new chapter in the Argentine career, it’s fun and challenging. 

 Sevillashowed interest in me as a young player. Until it finally came true ” Opening the mouth with ‘ EstadioDeportivo

 I was without hesitation at first. It’s even more amazing. ” 

“ Personally, I feel that I want to change the atmosphere. chose to leave England Not distracted because I always liked the Sevilla club . ” 

” They have a player Arjen Stein , team mate ‘ blue – white, ‘ said the club in a good way. A team that has fought for major achievements over the years. Which motivates me even more to come here. ”

The 29- year-old has scored four goals and two assists in all competitions in 16 games. 

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