Chelsea made an offer to buy Dembele but faced obstacles

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Chelsea have tried to buy Dembele from Barcelona. ​​But the media say they may face a time limit. The French forward has been linked with continuous transfers after failing to agree a new contract with Barcelona, ​​resulting in the Catalan club looking for a way to let the players out in order not to lose. Fee at the end of the season

According to reports of Sky Sports, the lion is navy blue. Returned to the 24-year-old wing due to negotiations to move to Paris Saint-Germain. doesn’t seem to happen

However, British outlets say Chelsea’s talks with Barca and Dembele in the final days of the winter market could face significant hurdles UFABET in the time frame. There is also a player contract that demands huge wages.

The possibility is still possible as well, but Sky stressed that every negotiation. The process must go well and do not stumble. The key factor is money that will satisfy all parties.

Still, the report adds that if Chelsea miss out buy Dembele in this market and the players have not moved, there is a chance that the Blue Lions Will return to negotiate a contract in advance to grab a free model after the season.