Bergkamp had to go to Chelsea but ended up with Arsenal.

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Former agent Jerome Anderson reveals Dennis Bergkamp traveled to England to sign for Chelsea but ended up joining Arsenal instead.

    The Netherlands international legend is determined to move to England after a difficult time with Inter Milan. And it is the Blues who have completed the deal and the players are ready to join the team. But in the end, there was a twist and it was “Cannon” who grabbed him to join the team.

    “He had a difficult time in Italy, he decided to come to England.” Anderson told Talksport. “Dennis’s situation is like this – he agreed and we all agreed. that he will sign with Chelsea” UFABET 

    “Today he traveled with his wife, he did not take the plane. So he drove over. I got a call from Colin Hutchinson, the director, who said he still wanted to sign Dennis but we didn’t have the money. That was very shocking because we had an agreement for a long time.”

    “I thought about it and thought. ‘Yes, Dennis came with his wife, he drove, it took him several hours’. So I called our Dutch agent and explained what had happened and said I had. Thought already Would you allow me to talk to a club like Arsenal, and he said yes.”

    “I hung up the phone and called David Dean, I said, ‘Something happened today. And you may have an incredible opportunity to sign a player. Who has not yet reached his peak and is best known as a great international player who had a tough time in Italy, his name is Dennis Bergkamp'”

    He said :

‘We might be interested, but the first thing you have to do is talk to the manager’, so I jumped in the car and drove up to Bruce Rioch and said, ‘You want to sign Dennis. Bergkamp?’ He said, ‘Jerome, if we can really sign Dennis Bergkamp, ​​I’ll sign him tomorrow.'”

    “I went back to the office and called Dennis, who was still driving, not knowing what had happened. David knew because I have a good relationship with Arsenal, so I’m sure David will hold a board meeting there. His house in a matter of hours, for £7.5 million – an exact figure, Inter Milan will not change that figure.”

    “The board agreed and tried to make it happen. So I called Dennis’ agent, Dennis arrived and he was upset because Glenn (Hoddle – Chelsea) was his idol and he was looking forward to it. got to work together”

    “I said, ‘Listen, if you don’t mind please talk to Bruce a little bit, go to Highbury, walk around and try to understand the history of this great club.’ He agreed with that and Luckily he got along with Rioch, the rest is history.”