Complications after breast augmentation surgery

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Complications after breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation surgery require further treatment or surgery. Complications that can include the following at UFABET:

  • Bleeding at the surgical site causing swelling and pain It often occurs shortly after surgery. Or it can happen if the breast is injure. However, the large accumulated blood clot. That the body cannot reabsorb will have treated by inserting a tube to drain the blood.
  • Fluid buildup around the implant may result in swelling, pain, and bruising. Small amounts of fluid may absorb by the body. But if it is large, doctors need to use a drain tube.
  • Damage to the breast tissue or implants due to surgery
  • infection In case the surgical wound is expose to bacteria or fungi. They can show signs of infection from the first few days to weeks. Causes inflammation, irritation, pain, swelling, redness, fever, or abnormal functioning of the body. If the patient does not respond to antibiotic treatment, the implant may need to remove.
  • Chest pain around the nipple or breast
  • Redness or bruising from bleeding during surgery that can temporarily turn your skin red.
  • Slow wound healing
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • The skin or tissue surrounding the breast may die due to infection. steroid use in surgery, smoking ,  chemotherapy radiation therapy and extreme heat or cold therapy
  • There is a feeling that the nipple or breast is increasing or decreasing. It can be temporary or permanent. and may affect sexual response or lactation. This causes the inability to breastfeed or produce less milk.
  • Breasts after surgery may be uneven in size, shape, or level.
  • The patient or surgeon may dissatisfied with the shape or size of the new breast after augmentation.
  • The skin around the breast is thin and wrinkled.
  • sagging breasts That can happen normally from increasing age, pregnancy or losing weight.
  • Able to feel or see the wrinkle of the breast augmentation silicone through the skin
  • The skin is torn silicone visible.
  • Chest wall or lower rib deformity
  • There is a hard lump under the skin around the breast augmentation. In breast cancer screening, it may mistaken for cancer and lead to further surgery.
  • Formed fibrosis. Which is caused by scar tissue that is create around the silicone bag. This results in hard chest and chest tightness.
  • during surgery or after surgery The breast augmentation implant may move to the wrong position. This may caused by gravity. Concussion Or caused by the fascia tissue that is tightened
  • saline bag flat until it leaks Often leaks from closed valves or tears in the outer silicone shell. Causing some or all saline bags to collapse
  • There is a tear or a hole in the outer silicone bag.

However, silicone breast augmentation cannot last a lifetime. 

The longer it takes breast augmentation surgery, the greater the risk of complications. And additional surgery may require to treat complications. Additional surgeries that your surgeon may use include the following:

  • Removal of silicone breast augmentation. Which may or may not put back in as before
  • Removing the scar tissue around the implant
  • Surgery to remove excess scars
  • inserting a needle or tube through the skin to drain the blood
  • Re-opening the surgical incision to change the position of the silicone
  • Excision of the cyst by inserting a needle through the skin or incision in the skin to remove the cyst.