Daniel Carvajal defends Enrique not biased against Real Madrid

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The right-back Daniel Carvajal insists Luis Enrique is not so biased against Real Madrid that he was rarely referred to by the White team during this period later.

Real Madrid right-back Daniel Carvajal has defended Luis Enrique Martinez. After the Spain coach was attacked over an anti-Madrid selection. With Daniel Carvajal is the only one from the ‘Los Blancos’ army. That has only been in the latest set of bulls. As reported by Marca on Wednesday. 

Carvajal has been called up in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers for two important games against Greece and Sweden, becoming the first Real Madrid player to be named in Luis Enrique’s list. After the absence of players from the White team in the previous two sets. The 51-year-old coach was criticized for bias against the Madrid players before Carvajal came out to defend the Spain boss.

Although he has proved himself right with recent performance, reaching the Euro 2020 semi-finals, for instance.

Luis Enrique has routinely omitted the likes of Marco Asensio and Isco Alarcon amid poor form, while Barcelona youngsters Pedri and Gavi have made the cut.

That has led to claims of Barcelona bias, but Los Blancos star Carvajal, who has missed many a call-up due to injury, has defended his Spain boss over the claims.

‘When I heard that comment I tried to explain that he wasn’t like that.’ 

‘The coach tried to call the people he thought would help him with what he needed. Regardless of the team they play in.’

‘He has proven that It holds the guidelines of His philosophy and his thoughts,’ Carvajal clarified.